::Strength | Skill::
Power snatch + 2 Overhead squats
6×1 ascending

Four rounds for time of:
8 Power snatches, 115#/75#
40 Double unders

Notes: No press-outs. Let me repeat, no press-outs. Press-outs are done because 1. You haven’t acquired the proper to technique 2. The weight you’re using is too heavy for you (most likely) 3. You have absolutely no body awareness – Coach tells you to stop pressing out and you say “ok” but continue to press out.

If the WOD called for a ground to overhead anyhow, then that’s another story. But when it calls for a snatch, there’s no pressing out. We don’t reinforce bad technique here. Don’t give up proper technique for speed. Remember – all your moves need to look aesthetically pleasing. When it doesn’t, you’re prepping for injury. Don’t prep for injury.

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