Line drills

MAP Training
7 Minutes @ 90% Aerobic Effort
5 Power snatches
20 Russian twists w/medball (total reps)
40 Speed step singles
Rest 3 minutes, then repeat 2 more times with another 3-minute rest in between bouts.

Notes: The 7-minute bout should be repeated nonstop. This is cardio training CrossFit style using mixed modalities. Do not turn this into an anaerobic effort (you should not be gasping for air at any time).

Do not sit or lie down in between bouts. If you do, you’ve gone too heavy. Don’t be that guy (or gal) who goes too heavy and ends up taking breaks during the 7-minute bout. If you take any breaks during the 7-minute bouts, consider it a fail and a scaled attempt.

Here is the concept of MAP Training: (I use different movements in the video, but the MAP Training concept remains the same.


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