January – movement review and focus. Coaches are going to hammer you on technique and proper movement patterns and range of motion. Technique can slip as you get under fatigue, but if your technique and movement patterns have errors to begin with, we’re going to point them out and help you correct them.  Whether it’s a different cue you respond to better, or a mobility issue, we’re going to get you moving more efficiently. If all is good and you move excellent, we’re going to push the intensity as far as you want to go!

Our #ErrDayWORK this month:
1. Rowing Challenge ===> Register FREE and join in! (Need to be registered to log your meters)
2. 100 Day Burpee Challenge – Do you have what it takes to finish something and see it through? You’ll get the benefits of increased stamina, noticeable upper body muscularity/leanness, and NOT sucking at burpees anymore.

::Strength | Skill::
Deadlifts, 4×8 across (Heavy deadlifters (400lbs+), stay ~60% 1RM).
– Use light/moderate load.
– Absolutely ZERO rounding at the lumbar at these loads.

50-40-30-20-10 Reps for time of:
Double unders


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