“Yeah, I’m gotta start eating better.”
“Yeah, I’m going to come in here more consistently, at least three times per week.”
“Yeah, I’m going to spend more time on mobility and stretching.”
“Yeah, I’m going to practice my double unders every day.”
Do it already.

– Line drills
– Jerk instruction (hand placement, feet placement, etc.)

::Strength | Skill::

Clean & Jerk – Work up to a heavy single over 6 sets
– Work up to a (relatively) heavy load, but form and technique practice is the main objective today
– Squat cleans, son

2-4-6-8-10- [100 DUs] -10-8-6-4-2 Reps of:
Squat cleans, 95#/65# Burpees
Notes: Perform 100 Double unders between the sets of 10 in the middle. Scale for today is 3:1 singles Buy your own rope if you don’t already have one and I will size it for you. Here’s the rope I personally use.


Daily Whiteboard