Be ready for today’s workout. Getting back to “old school” with some leg training movements that you have never heard of or done before (and neither have your friends at other CF gyms). It’s leg development – thighs and glutes. Get your learning on with a good strength workout and we’ll top it off with some MetCon finishers.

“Leg Day”

A1. Back squats, 4×10
A2. Sissy squats, 4×10
(We’re going to elevate heels on back squats with a toes forward stance.)

B1. RDL, 4×8
B2. Lying (supinated) hamstring curls w/med ball


A. Tabata
– Wall ball shots
– Double unders
Rest 1 minute
B. Tabata
– Walking lunges
– Jumping squats

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