Power cleans – 3×3 (pause 3 seconds in power position, then stand)
High Hang squat cleans – 3×3
Full cleans – 5×1 (all submaximal)

Notes: This is all training. Strive for SOLID mechanics, not numbers. Enough going for MAXES every time we lift – it’s counter productive. When it’s time to max, we’ll tell you.


Two rounds

100 High-knee singles (jump rope)
20 Sit-ups
30 Double unders
20 Clapping push-ups
30 Double unders
20 Ground to overhead, 45#/25#
30 Double unders
20 Toes to bar

Rest 1 minute, repeat.

Notes: High speed each round based on your current level. Scale to regular push-ups to keep the pace if needed.

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