“Fight Gone Bad”

This was the second time we put on this event. This was a fundraising “fun” competition with 5 or 6 local boxes participating. You may recognize some of these peeps. 😉

Here’s a video of the first time we held this event. You may not even recognize our box. See who you recognize in this video.

Three 5 minute rounds:

You’ll have 1 minute at each station to perform as many reps as you can. At the call of “rotate”, you move on to the next station. The clock will not stop. At the end of each 5 minute round, you will have a 1-minute break.

  1. Row (calories)
  2. Wall ball, 20#/14#
  3. Sumo dead high pulls, 75#/55#
  4. Box jumps, 20″
  5. Push presses, 75#/55#

Notes: Your score is total reps completed for all three rounds. For rounds two and three, you will start at the next station from the previous round. Ex. Round one, if you start at station 2, you’ll start at station 3 for the next round. And then you’ll start at station 4 for your last round.

This will allow us to run 15 people at a time if needed and make it fair so everyone gets to start “fresh” with a different movement for each round.

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