Flashback Friday!

CrossFit Birmingham

In July of 2008, we started the buildout of CFB after many months of planning. We became a licensed CrossFit affiliate in 2007, running outdoor CrossFit bootcamps in Homewood and Liberty Park until Carrie came across this location in early 2008. You can see our old fabricated pull-up rig in the background. At the time, we had to copy plans from an affiliate in California as Rogue Fitness didn’t even make their own equipment back then (they were still a reseller).

Click on the photo to see CFB how you’ve never seen it before!

Two rounds for time of:
50 One arm alternating kettlebell Russian swings, 53#/35#
40 Weighted sit-ups, 45#/25# bumper
30 Walking lunges w/KB in rack position, 53#/35#
20 Hands on kettlebell push-ups
10 Alternating pistol squats holding KB in front, 53#/35#
200 Meter run

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