“Who Else Wants Extreme Fatloss By

Taking Advantage of the Metabolic Shift

That Comes With Cyclical Ketogenic Dieting?!”

Richard Rigor here – I’m establishing another private fatloss coaching group and this time it’s for those who wish to go on a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) for extreme fatloss (and athletic performance using special tweaks). The ketogenic diet is at the very end of the spectrum of a low carb diet.

The ketogenic diet forces your body to burn fats instead of carbs. With the increase in fat burning in the absence of carbs, your body then shifts to creating ketone bodies (ketones) to be used as an energy source.

The “cyclical” part of the ketogenic diet provides for predetermined “carb-ups” as opposed to staying in a state of ketosis (the point at which the body produces ketones for fuel in the absence of carbs) throughout. And therein lies the modification for athletic individuals to still perform well.

I believe the CKD is more appropriate for the athletic individual, which this coaching group will be geared towards.

I first started experimenting with the ketogenic diet in 1997. I was a geeky Nutrition Major at the University of Houston and also competed in bodybuilding shows as well as prepped other bodybuilders.

From that time on, the ketogenic diet and it’s variations became the exclusive way I prepped myself and other bodybuilders, figure athletes, and models to get their bodyfat low and show off their defined muscles.

I tweaked this diet around, every which way for years with different clients and body types.

If you want to know more about the diet and its benefits, watch the video below (otherwise, read on and watch it later). Jump to the 9 minute mark if you want to hear the nitty gritty on what ketosis is and what it can do for you.

So what I’m doing is establishing a private Coaching group for Cyclical Ketogenic Dieters. In this CKD private Coaching group you will:

  • Get the entire layout of the diet
  • Get full access to ask me questions
  • Learn in real time as I am getting on the diet with you
  • Learn the BEST options for working out on this diet
  • Learn the BEST supplements to go along with this diet
  • Get modifications to the diet on the fly as needed (real time “tweaks” by me)
  • Get support of other members on the diet with you
  • Learn how physique athletes really get six pack abs
  • Understand the true power of manipulating food and how your body reacts to it
  • Without a doubt, you’ll get leaner when you follow through

Register now so you can get all the things you need and have an understanding of it all (and do some prep work now – like dropping your carb intake WAY down… but it’ll all be explained inside).

You will receive my ebook, Dirty Dieting Secrets as the framework to this diet, once you join our private coaching group.

So, for a quick recap:

You’ll gain access to this private Facebook coaching group on the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet. Our program goal is extreme fat loss at an accelerated pace with advanced strategies. If you’ve never been on a fat loss diet or have zero experience tracking food intake (grams of carbs, protein, fat), this group may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you have some experience tracking food intake, you work out, and you want to get your physique even leaner while learning the interplay between food and performance (fitness) using the ketogenic diet, this group is for you. Welcome. You’re a bit more advanced (or committed) than the ordinary and you want to push to that next level.

Get signed up and I’ll get you dialed in!

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**Please note – you must have a Facebook account to join in. ALL coaching is done through a private Facebook group. You will be approved manually once you sign up.**