Burpee Challenge

Day 1 – Do 1 burpee
Day 2 – Do 2 burpees
Day 3 – Do 3 burpees… and so on
Day 100 – Final Day! Do 100 Burpees!

Starts January 1st, 2018

Rules and stuff:

  • You may not “bank” burpees. Meaning, you can’t do more burpees than the day calls for and have it count towards tomorrow’s totals
  • You may count burpees you do in a WOD
  • You may break up burpees throughout the day
  • If you miss a day, you must make up that total and continue forward
  • After all is said and done, you will have performed 5,050 burpees
  • You will become ridiculously efficient at burpees
  • You will start the new year with a focus on fitness
  • Many of you will start, but will quit before reaching Day 100. (Ouch, did that hurt? You’re not a quitter are you?)
  • Many of you will make up an excuse to not even start. Don’t be that person.
  • Suck it up and “Let’s do this!”
  • Let me know in the comments if “you’re in!” You don’t have to be a member at CFB to participate.